Weekly Vocab.

October 15th - October 18th

patterns - sets of things that repeat in order

nature - parts of the world that are not made by people: land, mountains, trees, etc.

repeat - to say or do something the same way again

sequence - the order of something

symmetry - the appearance of something that is the same on both sides

September 30th - October 4th


pouch: a small bag that close with a piece of string

globe: an object shaped like a ball

murmuring: a soft, continuous sound

mountainside: the sloping side of the mountain

footpath:  a narrow walking path for people

September 23rd - September 27th

shield - to protect by covering 

lack - the state of not having something

exposure - the condition of being unprotected from severe weather, such an extreme heat

nomadic - moving around a lot

landscape- the natural features seen in an area

September 16th- 20th

dreams: has a desired goal or purpose

amazing: causing great wonder or surprise

bored- not interested in something

discovery – something found for the first time

proud – feeling good about yourself or something

September 9th -13th

preparations: activities to get ready for something

magnificent: very wonderful or beautiful

brooded- worried or fretted

rejoicing – actions and feelings of great happiness

satisfied – happy or pleased